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I'm Wandering Off by Lylix I'm Wandering Off by Lylix
Because I promised a couple of people a diagram off what happeened with my elbow since I couldn't put it in words other than "It broke off" or "It wandered off".

Basically, when I crashed I dislocated my elbow so forcefully it broke off the end that like half the muscles in my forearm are attached to. And because Doc advised me that putting my elbow back together with surgery would risk my elbow seizing up (surgery is also my #1 fear, I started sobbing when I was told I might need it in the emergency room) we figured we would wait and see if it would just chill since it was pretty close to its original locale anyways. I describe this like I had Kevin Flynn as a doctor but Doc is more professional than that. It has worked out well, somehow my ulnar nerve isn't freaking out despite being in that mess of bones and new scar tissue that makes up my elbow and I've gotten back most of my function. It is a little freaky being able to feel that cavity left by the bone chunk that wandered off and the little mass of scar tissue below that which is holding everything together. Yay human body making things work.

And my pride is only moderately bruised having been asked when I first went in if I was lying about my age since I have 14 year old girl bones apparently. They redid my x-rays since they thought they mixed them up somehow.
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January 10, 2011
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