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Spa-Para Watercolour by Lylix Spa-Para Watercolour by Lylix
My entry to the world contest at :iconkingdomhearts:". I had a lot of fun with this, and if you can't tell my mediums, its watercolours, red, yellow, black, light green, and silver sharpies, and green and blue metallic permanent markers, and wow, it was odd to figure out how to immitate Space Paranoids with traditional mediums (in the movie it was black and white with a crapload of computer backgrounds and shadings), but I'm fairly happy with how this came out.

So what's in this picture? Well first and foremost is my idea of a personification of the Space Paranoids world, she came out quite lovely in my opinion, with elements from Sark, the game grid, Tron, digitizing, the I/O tower, and the all mighty power button, and if the scenery didn't eat half my midnight blue I'd do more with her. The terminal is a combination of the fancy one from the I/O tower and the basic ones seen in several places, the wall markings are mainly inspired by the Pit Cell (which differs a lot from the movie) and the Central Computer Core, the floors are the Canyon Power Station (as is the box on the side) and the Central Computer Mesa. The SP-00 [Heart] reference is a mix of our catalogue system from where I interned, SP being Space Paranoids, 00 refering to the room which is in this case the heart of the world where I figure the personification would chill.

What I can't stand? How the energy stream came out, unfortunately I don't own a silver watercolour, and I wasn't sure how model paint would react to what was already on the paper, so no silver for now, but once I'm back at school I'll have CS again so I can work on fixing that. And for those of you who are wondering where the energy stream was in the game, as far as I know it didn't make it in, its from the movie, but its one of my favorite parts of the movie, I HAD to include it. Oh, and I wish I had a scanner, using a camera just isn't the same.

But overall I'm happy with this piece, and I hope you like it too, though it'll be much better once I fix it up and add in RAM, since he's just a sweetie pie. And if you haven't watched Tron, then go watch it, and try to watch the original Disney LaserDisc version, it just sets the mood.

Space Paranoids: Squeenix/Disney
Tron: Disney
Cracked out concept: Lylix
givemeup Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2008
I love this pic!! :) Yay Tron!!
Lylix Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2008
Tron is love! And thank you!
TenorSaxLolita Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
I fave this cos I love "Tron" with all my heart!
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July 21, 2007
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